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Well eDGe owners, I'm asking your input on what should be MUST-HAVE apps for high school/college/university students. Considering that the eDGe is marketed to that audience (students and highly-moble multi-tasking business professionals), we should put together a list that will help students utilize their eDGes more IN the classroom and lecture halls instead of simply outside of them. Any apps that help with science or math tutoring would be a big plus, along with economics (apps for utilizing spread sheets, chart plotting, and accounting information).

Some ideas would be apps for:

Plotting Graphs (specifically for the E-reader portion)
Biology and Human Anatomy stuff (interactive animal dissection aids or overlays of the human body for Med-School students)
Sky Charts/Constellation Maps or an Interactive Solar System
Real-Time calorie counter or BMI tracker (for Sports-Medicine students or the health-conscious)
Stopwatch (with optional graphing to see changes in observation---for physical fitness or science labs)
Interactive Periodic Table (with ability to see in-depth information about elements or atoms)
Metric System Converters (for references)
Quick access to the OED!!!
Real-Time access to grammar coaches (for Technical Writing or English Composition)
Spread sheet assistants
Interactive map of the Earth (for Geography/Geology students)

And that's about all I can think of now, but feel free to add what YOU think students of today and tomorrow should have for applications to help them better understand and make full use of the Entourage eDGe Dual-book.