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Chubulor. there's two displays, and only one accelometr, so in order to properly rotate the screen you need to know layout of displays (are they flipped, closed, back2back, reverse-flipping e.t.c.) it's not a real problem, but makes things a little harder.

On other hand, I personally dislike autorotation, 'cos for example sometime you need to view an image which is vertical from horisontal point of view. Or some false positive rotation which is also not a problem, but it takes time to rotate in normal position.
I guess my point is, why not have a Settings option that lets you tell the Edge that you plan to have it folded or open for the purposes of autorotation? Then the software doesn't have to be written to determine the layout, it can just go by whatever the user chose in Settings. For instance, I rarely ever have the screens folded back against each other, as I'm usually using both screens, so it would be nice if I could just modify Settings once and then have the autorotation feature. True, it might be annoying to have to go back into settings every time you folded or un-folded your Edge, but anyone who finds it annoying should just be able to turn off autorotation completely.