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#1 partially agreed. If they have proprietary software not based on the GPL that runs on the Edge, they obviously don't have to release the code for that. As I'm not an Android developer or much of a programmer with regard to anything but number crunching, I'm not qualified to judge how complete the GPL-based code they've released is, so I don't want to be too dramatic either way.

#2 disagree. They were relatively tolerant on that thread. I was expecting deletions and banhammers and such to start coming down as soon as the "plant" discussion started. As it was, the only comment that got deleted from what I could tell was borisb's initial reply to jcase. The first "closure" warning was triggered because it had reached 10 pages (other less contentious threads have also received similar warnings after going 10 pages). The last few comments before it got closed were pretty rough, and in particular, it's not a good idea for a commenter to attempt to order an admin around on forum matters. If it were my forum I wouldn't have shut down the thread, but it's not my forum...

I believe there is an Entourage Edge group on Yahoo or something if you feel strongly about the need to have an independent forum. It's linked to somewhere on one of these threads...

#3 that remains to be seen. I'm trying to be patient. Keep in mind they have a lot more reason to fear Google's wrath than you or I do.

(Edit) uh-oh...looks like borisb has withdrawn from the forum. I hope it's not due to the alternate topic of that thread... I was careful not to name names (except the one who appeared to have confessed), but it looks like his feelings were hurt anyway.

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