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the issues are few here:
1. Entourage is violating the GPL by not releasing full code. if they want to build a closed ecosystem like Apple they should have taken that route not ripping off GPL software and profiting on that. they have no right to retain code from the source. this matter should be taken further really. Obviously they do not have the financial power to do this and also the developers, so if they use open source software they should respect the terms of licence.
2. they obviously censor the forums and the posts, really we should look to an alternative forum which is not under their control. this will also separate the users that are contempt with their inept in this stage device and those who want progress. also the new forum will not be censored and free speech will be available.
3. the popularity of android is due to the progress made by custom software, also bringing market to this device is a major improvement. I can not see how Edge can get away unsanctioned by users when they hinder the progress of the device. I think they kill their own business here.

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