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Originally Posted by Kane View Post
For fantasy from the free library try Oath of Swords by David Weber and Lord of the Isles by David Drake.

Regarding Erikson- I've read the two Bauchelain and Korbal Broach novellas and plan to read Gardens of the Moon soon. I sure wish the series was available in ebook form. Maybe Tor will offer Gardens as one of their promotional titles.
Wow, I can't imagine reading the novellas without having read the books! If you liked them at all I would definitely recommend the novels.

That being said, the first one is a little hard to get into, but it's worth toughing out. Erikson just kinda throws you in there and doesn't give you much background info on what's going on, and you have to figure out how magic etc works just by fitting things together on your own.

The neat thing about the series is that things are very often not what they seem, and even when you think you fully understand something you often find out otherwise a couple books later. There are also some very charming characters, although Erikson doesn't develop them quite as well in the early books.

Anyways folks, thanks for all your suggestions so far! I have a big long list written up, and lots of reading to do
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