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Thanks to other Evernote users on the Forum, I finally started using it too, and am really finding it useful, so this is a +1 for me, as well.

A couple ?? for other Evernote users: Do the audio and camera features work for you?

When I try to use the audio note, it fails with this message...
And the snapshot operation yields this...
I get that same message if I try to play back the audio note, however it saves and uploads just fine.(It plays when I go to Evernote on my computer too) The cam always crashes and no picture is taken for me either. Unfortunately this happens with any app that tries to use the camera. Tech said they were working on it.

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helo aidren,

tried soundrecording and camera photo and video for you and everything works fine.

You do have the latest upgrade, do you?
I can not get the camera to work with any note app, including Evernote, 3Banana or Note Everything Pro; I wonder what is different for you.