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those patents are stupid as they stop the development of future technology. is like having a patent on a wheel. I am surprised that Edge did not protect themselves. This just proves how easy a business like this can fail. They put the price up to USD539 anyway
I'd be less worried about the eDGe and more concerned about the Alex ! The patent is clearly aimed at devices where the LCD is secondary to the 'main' e-ink screen. Long live Pixel Qi ! e-ink-esque and LCD in one !

I 'm getting a hint of "see I told you so" in your tone, Vic.

and to reply to your 90% of startup businesses fail in the first 2 years......that oft quoted urban myth. I think the statistic is more like "of the startup businesses which fail, 90% of those fail within 2 years", representing a very different but probably more accurate statistic altogether.

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