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keyboard problems after the update

The update certainly improved things, but I have two problems. At least. I haven't noticed these being mentioned anywhere.

When I press the delete key, I usually get the letter p. Realigning the screen didn't make a difference. I have a similar problem along the left side of the screen. I'm using the default keyboard.

When I get an IM in facebook in the browser, when I click the field to reply, the keyboard flashes into existence, then disappears. This happens no matter where I position the IM window. Then sometimes after many tries, the keyboard stays visible and I can type. Next reply, it disappears repeatedly again. Sometimes in other circumstances the keyboard flashes and disappears, too. One place is the default, not logged in, iGoogle page. The whole screen keeps refreshing when I try to type a search item.

BTW, I got a Fellowes Stowaway USB keyboard for about $35 from a place in Boca Raton, FL. It folds to about the size of two decks of cards. Works slick. Haven't tried it with the facebook problem (ahem I forgot to bring the USB cable with me).