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Yes I see how this could be a problem. Hopefully in the future they will make the annotation scale with the rest of the document instead of tying them up with the zoom level.

For now what I do is before doing annotations in a page I find a zoom level that will allow me to do any annotation in the page. If there is not enough space in the margins I just create the annotation on a journal page and link it to the document.

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Thanks Boris. Perhaps one of the moderators can move this thread.

From another post...
I think this is what Entourage did... hopefully just as an interim (bandaid?) fix. Unfortunately, it created a new problem.

Also, when I was making notes while zoomed in, I wasn't able to access the other section of the same page, because each time I went back to the annotations mode, I was taken back to the exact view that the previous notes were made in.