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Yes this would really be a great addon. (also make it easier to recognice shapes, i suck at making good enough circles for the eDGe to get its a circle...)

The dream would be a full fledged UML graphic editor or a VISIO like editor. With draw/mark/move objects with a flick with the pen.
Think how easy it would be with a button on the pen working in graphic mode and with symbols. Button released = ordinary pen function. Button pressed = grab and move objects.

I showed the journal graphic functions to some engineers and they looked at me as "bill and ted" "Woa duuude".
"think how fast we can do our sketches and also get all the basic design done before a meeting is over"
"where did you get it from?"

What they are talking about is to start a design in basic shapes on the edge and then export and import the basic sketch into a advanced program for deeper editing.

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