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Improvement to touch screen keyboard. Use the ereader side.

I think it would be nice to have the option of using the E-ink side of the device for the keyboard. In fact, I initially assumed that is what you were planning because it just makes more sense...ideally you would have the option of both, and/or an input device.

There are criticisms of the LCD side being less responsive. Also, putting it on the bottom half of the page is cramped for some peoples fingers and takes up half of the LCD screen. Its clumsy and gets in the way, but it works if you need it....its nice to have as an option if you simultaneously need the ebood reader but it doesnt seem like the ideal solution.

A nice and really large keyboard on the e-reader side so that it looks like a netbook when you open it up, keyboard on the bottom and screen on the top......that would be awesome, and I really just assumed that is what you were doing to begin with.

The pop-up keyboard was probably imported from phone technology, so I know why its there, but its an inferior design for functionality. You should write an app to make the keyboard (optionally) on the ereader side and make it the default for web surfing and word processing.

When you are using it as an ereader or to take notes in class and surg the web at the same time, switch back to the LCD keyboard.