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I own a Kindle , 3 original Reb 1000 series , 2 generations of Sony Ebooks and the Edge.........I find that the Edge may be just slightly slower in page turns than the Kindle ( which is also slightly faster than the Sonys ) but hardly noticeable and since the screen is so much bigger, not to be unexpected...I don't own a DX but I would guess that page turns would be on a par with the Edge. Maybe there is something wrong with your edge if the pages are turning so slow.

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When comparing to Kindle -- eDGe is very slow. At least 3times slower then Kindle. Currently I have 3 e-ink based devices and eDGe is one of the slowest, not for the eink update (which is about average, but Kindle is a leader) but for the time taken to render next page (i mean from pressing the button to fully displayed page).