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I'm assuming that you posted the YouTube link as an example and that you're not trying to play videos in your eDGe's browser (because that won't work ont he eDGe). I searched for "K'naan & David Bisbal" in the YouTub app and found about 10 matches. All of the ones I tried played fine.

Do a search for "Annoying Orange Wazzup 2: Wassabi" and see if that one plays on your eDGe.
What does that mean??? Can you or can you NOT play videos???? My edge wont play any videos from any web site!! How do you play videos if you say that edge does not play videos??
And at last : The last update says it has FlashLite app BUT my Edge does not grab that upadte at all...There is no update or any new software available from my edge....It says that it is up to date and there are no changes