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I find aluminum foil on my head works well. I kid I kid....

People I have an honest question. Does this seriously concern you? There is so much stuff out there that is bad for us how can you even keep track or prevent. I am not waving the white flag and giving up but what's the point. Not using a cell phone is not going to save you. Like what others have said there is so much stuff passing through the air who knows what it does to us. So I am really curious and not trying to bash you. Obviously I have zero concern over this. Diversity is a great thing and I am just trying to understand your perspective. Kinda like the people that believe in "Chem Trails" if you don't know what that is do a search. Guess what I fly a plane for a living and we don't spread chemicals like some claim. Sure we burn fuel and it is bad but we don't create spray patterns over major cities. Sorry for the drift. My perspective is people that are paranoid about radiation from phones don't make much sense. Anyway, I look forward to thoughtful responses.