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Not all the cell phones emit the same amount of radiation. Most Motorola phones have been known to be more microwave emission intensive. As far as brain cancer and the cell phone use, it was established a long time ago that there is a connection. However, many independent studies have not received proper publicity and for people who learn about the world from main stream media it is still a debate.

Think of it this way, if you stick your head into the microwave oven and keep it there for awhile cooking would you have consequences? Please don't try to disprove me . Same applies with cell phones only on much smaller scale, but because of the extensive use and close proximity to the brain it still produces an effect.

I witnessed a following case. The president of the company I worked for went to a doctor because he started having chest pains that implied to heart conditions. Doctor inspected him and didn't find anything wrong but noticed that he carried a cell phone in his front packet (right on the heart level). He asked my boss not to carry it there and if problem will not go away see him again. The problem went away.