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It seems to be a problem with Adobe for eReaders, and enTourage is working with Adobe. I sure hope Adobe makes the eReader program as robust as the pc version.

In the meantime, look for books with a cover that shows up in the list on IA. I have had the best luck on those, and not all of them. If the listing mentions metafiles, those don't work either. It seems that the files with extra information embedded, like full title and author, usually show up as blank pages.

There are often several copies of the same book on IA, so try others. I try and open each pdf to see how well it works. I am learning to check the title of books that don't work, to see if another copy does.

Oh, and if your book has no images, Google pdfs work. Google and Gutenberg epubs work, too. But those sometimes have formatting and scan errors from the ocr.

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