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Here is the tech support dept reply:
We are looking into this issue and discussing possible causes of this corruption. We would like to get your eDGe to our office so we can fix the corruption and look at the root cause of the issue. We may also be able to recover your data including your annotations if you would like us to attempt that.

If its ok, I would like to set up an RMA. If you send me a shipping address and contact phone number I will email you an overnight shipping label to use to send the eDGe back to us. If you don't have a shipping box and packing material available I can ship you an empty box with a return label enclosed instead of emailing you a label.

Thank you,
Tech Support"

I am not really keen on sending my eDGe back to them. That is a pain. Package it up, go to drop it off, wait for delivery, etc, etc. So I will see what other alternatives I have. Just thought I wold provide an update.