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Interesting bug and I will submit a ticket. Many of the items in my library won't open and cause the e-ink side to crash. Most of them are PDF's but some are epub. You can't even load the manual once the device crashes. After several reboots I removed the battery to see if this would help. It seemed to clear the total crash of the e-ink side but you still get an error when trying to load the document. Some of the items that won't open have annotations that I will likely lose which doesn't make me happy.

Bug Part II: I can open PDF docs from SD Card Storage but cannot load them into the library. You get an ! error with the folder path for the internal storage each time.

I really hope the ability to add things to the library which stay on the SD Card will be a new feature.

If anyone has had a similar issue please post it. I will post any results/resolutions suggested.
Hmmm.....I can do this now. I have docs and pdf's on my SD card and have added them to the library. Works fine for me.
Yours doesn't do this?