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I thought about my purchase, long and hard, before I clicked buy. I am a student, and tired of carrying 4 textbooks, a novel, a voice recorder, a net-book, a paper notebook and multiple pens, pencils and erasers. My back! I can read all my books in one place and it's lighter than most of my textbooks. I can take notes on this, record my lecture, link my notes with appropriate pages in the textbook or add a web link (and actually just click it and go). I can copy relevant info from my text and paste into my notes at the appropriate spot, or I can link my notes to the text book at the place I will need them. I'm sure the next year or so will bring a better model, and at that point I may upgrade, but for now there is nothing like this on the market. As far as I can see, nothing even close to launching will do all this does in one package. Yes, it has it's issues, but tech support rocks! They are very responsive, and if the whole company is like that we are sure to see many software advances and system updates in short order.