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I've been really excited about the Entourage Edge for several months now and have been following the blog very closely. I'm currently finishing up a MA in Economics and will be starting a PhD Economics in the Fall. Having a device with the ability to both clearly read and markup both textbooks and journal articles seems like it would be a perfect for a graduate student.

So my question is are their any faculty or grad students (or serious undergrads) here? If so, have you encountered any issues accessing an online database like JSTOR via off-campus access? Have you found the Edge to be as useful (and fun) in practice as you expected?

In addition to the functionality as it relates to academics, I'm also concerned by two things:
(a) That Flash has still not been enabled yet. Being able to watch Hulu and such on the device is a feature that I'd like (not for academic purposes, but just to have for entertainment);
(b) That a newer, possibly more refined device will be released later this year. Experience has taught my that when devices as revolutionary as the Edge come out, the first generation is okay, but there are improvements in the second and third generations that come out at the same price points and simply offer a superior user experience.