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Originally Posted by TheNW View Post
Hello All,

First time poster so please be gentle! I have a Franklin EBM 911 and am also in search of the OS download file. I received mine as a gift in 2001 and used it briefly before it got mothballed by my wife. It doesn't even have the patent number, says "patent pending" so I know it was an early model. I have read a couple of books on it but it has since been reset. I tried to download the OS earlier this (2011) year but had trouble. My new computer came loaded with Vista (2008?) and I read some things that led me to believe that these problems were related to Vista. The EBM OS was/is not compatible with Vista, right? Or no? By the time I had a new OS (recently) and got back around to the Franklin site, I found the message saying that they were no longer supporting the EBM. So here I am.

Does anyone know where I might find a copy of the EBM 911 OS? I don't need to sync to Outlook, just want to read some books. Should I just call Ectaco? Thank you in advance for any advice!
I recently went onto Yahoo's ebookman group and a very kind member snail mailed me everything on a CD because sending via email, the file is too big and wouldn't go through. I've uploaded the RAR file on Mediahost;
Its everything that Franklin gave to us EBM users. Feel free to circulate it amongst other forums and places if others need it. After all, since Franklin are no help, we need the drivers and before I got them, it proved impossible to find them. I hope the file works. If not let me know and I'll try again
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