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Thanks for the feedback!! After a hiatus, as of this morning I'm back working on the the app and hope to remain so for awhile. Your feedback on the interface is all dead on.

I'm a one man development team and this is a weekend spare time project. Right now 85% of the effort is all backend.

I still want to get some backend stuff in play first.

1. Top 100: Current top 100 bestsellers, releases and upandcomers, etc.
2. Save for later. This is a big one for me. Can't tell you how many books I find just testing and developing the app, note "hey that looks good", and subsequently never find again.
3. More search results.
4. Some quick win improvements on improving some of Amazons classifications.
5. Also, I think I can use the API, without surrendering ones privacy to some book site, your personal Amazon reading recommendations.

After that I intend to overhaul the UI pretty intensively.

Some technical "wows" such as flipping covers with stuff on the back or showing a "bookshelf" backgound is all really straight forward stuff, just got need to do the work.

A clean aesthetic across the app will be the tough one.

On your offer to help. It's just a hobby thing. It does have enough in referral fees to cover bandwidth and server costs. I'm not sure how to "open" it up, but I'm open to suggestions. FYI backend is in Racket/scheme and Scala.
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