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Nook STR Sync?

I had the original nook and it sync'd just fine automatically such that if I opened my iPhone it knew what I was currently reading and where I last left off (not for sideloaded books but from my BN library.)

Paul Miller posted a review yesterday that indicated the sync on the Nook STR requires manually intervention. Is this accurate?


Snippet regarding the sync'ing:

Originally Posted by Posted by: Paul Miller on
My other big problem is with the way the Nook ecosystem handles sync. As small and portable as the Nook is, I wonít always have it with me, so itís very important to sync well with a mobile app. This is something Amazon just destroys at, with everything always staying synced automagically, but B&N hasnít quite figured it out. For Nook you have to manually push the sync button from inside the library. You normally donít even need to go into the library, since your recent titles are all on the home screen, so really youíre going to the library for the express purpose of syncing. And if you forget to sync before you start reading a title, youíre totally out of luck ó if you push sync, youíll just upload your most recent activity in the book. Cue frustration.
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