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I haven't had any problems operating my Cybook, but I only read about an hour or so a day (sigh, high school teacher!). I don't understand why they made the page turn dependent upon pressing a thin silver-colored square border around a larger, center button. Seems very silly to me -- I love the way the EB1150 handles buttons (well, and pretty much everything, except that it's so heavy.) I must say I don't have any problem at all on forward page turns -- my Cybook runs well forward with just one firm press. Paging back is trickier -- I often have to hold the silver rim down for several tries. I don't go back much, and I'm glad the forward rim works well, but still, it seems like it could have been designed better.

I've discovered that the flashing bothers my eyes somewhat, so I occasionally turn it off, until I can't stand the ghosting. I'm guessing this same problem would occur with most eink readers.

Other than that, I love the Cybook, the case, the weight, the screen, the font sizing, the availability of books, the elegance of the device. It's fantastic.


PS About pricing: long long ago, when I was a girl, I remember my older sister being presented, at Christmas, with a hand-held calculator. It was the first any of us had seen -- there is a photo of us all clustered around looking at it. It was probably the early 60's. My brother-in-law paid some 300-400 dollars for it! Hahahahahaha.
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