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The latest in the effort is that, despite the apparent install failure, I get one drive that works - with documents, download etc at the root, and the other drive remains "Insert disc in drive K:", so it's inaccessible -- no doubt the micro-sd.

I only have two computers and a server, and I get the same response on all three. No "box" pops up on the edge when I plug it into any of them. I have to drag down the bar at the top and enter the USB connection dialog manually.

On all three systems, I get the "new hardware" dialog, and all three see the device as "eDGe", but can't complete the install successfully.

I don't know of anything I've plugged into all three systems that would cause a spoof and keep the eDGe from being recognized, and I rarely plug anything into the server because USB as a technology is inherently flaky and I don't want to pollute that system.

Since one drive works, and the other doesn't, there must be some way of enabling the sd-card as sharable, possibly through Settings.

I found a good deal on a 32GB micro-SD, class 6 yesterday and ordered that and the Startech USB ethernet adapter, so I'd be nice to be able to load data to the SD from a connected PC and not an Android file manager which doesn't have drag and drop. So that's why I'm revisiting this problem.
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