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Connecting PE to PC via USB is PITA

I've never really gotten my pocket edge to connect to my main PC via the USB cable. I get two drive letters (J: and K but clicking on either one says "Please insert a disk into drive K: (or J.

When I plug the small USB end into the edge, it doesn't acknowledge it at all -- doesn't prompt to do anything.

Using Windows XP SP3, what SHOULD I see?

I'll try USBDevView (from and see if I can wipe off stale USB device profiles, but it seems like this is failing even more than when I got the edge last month.

Ok, I wiped a bunch of old USB device profiles, and now the PC "sees" the eDGe, but "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software."
I'm pretty sure this is where I gave up after I got my PE!
Where do I get the "software" for the edge?

Any ideas?


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