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Originally Posted by yifanlu View Post
So I took a look at how his "patch" worked. He replaced all instances of "_blank" and "target" with random stuff like "xxxxx" and "tbrget". This will allow most new windows to open, but anything that opens new windows in another method or using javascript won't be affected. There might also be unintended side effects, but I'm just guessing. The better way of doing it would be to look for the source file that handles opening new window in the Webkit WebCore source and make it return without a new window and recompile it. This will take a long time to set up though because you also need to cross-compile stuff like fb and libcurl. This will have to do for now.
I guess Amazon modified the Webkit source code and they do not open the changes, not very sure about this. I just downloaded the Amazon source code tar-ball but did not get chance to look into it.
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