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replacement for iflowreader on iphone

I loved iflowreader app and am sorry to see it shutting down. I especially loved the following (in order of importance):
  • Autoscroll feature - it worked seamlessly and was easy to stop and go
  • day/night modes
  • hide settings
  • upload via web
  • ability to move book to hidden

I've tried the following, and none of these have all the features (or in the case of ereader pro the quality):

Ereader pro - the autoscroll is horrible, and I hate swiping right to left; but I do like the organization feature

Reader Lite - I think it has autoscroll, but can't seem to figure out how to make it work

Stanza - no autoscroll, but I am happy that I have the option of turning pages by tapping the left side. Not enthused about having to upload from my computer...really love web uploading best.

So is there a ereader software for iphone that will do everything I want? Or at least a autoscroll smoothly as iflowreader did.

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