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Yeah, I researched it. Here's what I found and saved in a text file. Can't remember where I found it originally though. I also haven't tried it, although I plan to in the next week or so.

How To: Get the Android Market on your eDGe

First, thanks to brianb5010 for coming up with a variant of this procedure.

Before you get started, you need the following things:

1. A rooted Android phone/tablet with 2.2 (or maybe higher) with the Android Market;

2. A copy of Titanium Backup installed on your phone/tablet.

Basically, this is what you do:

1. Start by rooting your eDGe. You can use several different procedures, but the easiest is probably just to download z4root from the Amazon Appstore. Make sure to select the "Permanent Root" option.

2. Next, install Titanium Backup and Root Explorer on your eDGe.

Root Explorer is in the Appstore, and you can get Titanium Backup here:

3. Open Titanium Backup. On your phone, you want to make backups of the following applications:

Calendar Sync Adapter
Contacts Sync Adapter
Google Partner Setup
Google Services Framework
Market Updater

And, of course, anything else you want to install. This is extremely important: WHEN YOU BACKUP THE FILES, MAKE SURE THAT YOU CHOOSE THE APP + DATA OPTION.

4. Next, you need to move these backup files from the Titanium Backup folder on your phone (which is usually stored in your sdcard) to the Titanium Backup folder on your eDGe.

5. On your eDGE, go into Titanium Backup. Then, you want to restore the gapps, which should be crossed out at the bottom of the screen (alternatively, if you've already been messing around with the gapps, you can just restore them on top of the old versions). When you restore, make sure to include BOTH the application AND the data. Moving the data from your phone to your eDGe is an essential part of this process.

6. Finally, you need to do a little text editing. On your eDGe, go into the root explorer and navigate to the system folder. Press "mount r/w" on the top of the screen. Press and hold on the "build.prop" file. Then, select "open in text editor." Find the line that says "" You want to change it to the following:


7. Reboot your machine.

8. Go into the Market and setup your Google account.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this without another Android device. I've tried installing by just sideloading the gapps, but moving over the data seems like a crucial step. I'm considering sending out my Titanium Backup files, but I'm a little nervous about my name/password information being included in the data.

Hope this helps some people out!

process also mentioned here:
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