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Originally Posted by Filark View Post
Tinah, there is a Factory Data Reset in Settings someplace near the bottom of the page (sorry -- running Ermine now ;/). It is in one of the eDGe listings, not anything obvious.

Tap Settings (either the app icon or from the menu button), then tap on the second to last heading (or the last, or third to last) and look for it there.

Good luck!
Let us know if you find it.
And tell why you are giving up your eDGe so soon!!
nope...nothing that remotely says "Factory Data Reset" and I looked through everything.
However I'm quite sure it is reset, after I deleted some of my stuff, my wifi, and all looks back to way it was. (I used the hole for the paperclip).

Why am I giving up, lol...Wellllll, I don't have 'time' to figure everything out. It took me a long time to figure out what there was to know about Windows (Me, XP, Vista and 7, lol) I guess I don't have the patience either...this gizmo is great and it offers a lot...maybe too much for me.
Filark, Sarah, Boris, Emusan (and to all of you who are such patient souls)

The ANSWER for Factory Reset for DINGO is...
To set device to factory data settings: Go to Settings > Device Storage > and then scroll down and select Factory data reset.

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