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Metadata Plugboards and send to Storage Card A

I found the following thread on the BN boards:

The process that I am using after I put in the format in the metadata plugboards section, is to add the book into Calibre, then Download Metadata, Choose a cover, then convert it to epub. I choose the arrow on the send to device icon and choose send to storage card A. When I look at the book in the nook, I have it sorted by author. It lists the book I just loaded with a dash in front of it, but no series or series number.

Caibre loads the book into the root directory of the SD card, I think it still reads it, but I would much prefer to have them load into the my documents folder that all my other books are in. For me, I just move the epub file to the my documents folder and deleted the author folder in the root directory. This is an easy task for me, but I am trying to show an older lady how to sideload books and she is having a hard time getting folders and drag and drop. I was thinking that loading it with calibre would be a really easy way to load them, but she would still be moving files so it doesn't really help. Is there anyway to change where Calibre puts the converted books?
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