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I actually contacted fictionwise as to why they dont include covers on alot of their books and their reply was that it makes the file size too big. I think this is rediculous but oh well. I see that most of you are against most of the additions which is fine. As for the animations I just know that many people are always saying they wish certian books would be made into movies. I think that this could be somewhat done with what I have proposed. I dont know how I would feel about using live actors but then again maybe that would be idea too. I just read alot of fantasy and in fantasy they have lots of journeys so maybe some maps that move. Maybe kinda plot courses. For example in Lord of the Rings when they go from one destination to another a short cut scene pops up showing the movement from one city to the next when you turn the page or click on something. Also I just thought alot of fantasy books could benifit from illustrations along the boarders to draw the reader in. Maybe make it look more like an ancient text. Sounds stupid but I dont really know how else to describe it. But anyway just some ideas.
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