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Calibre Database cp Kindle Database

I thought I had a problem when I could not find 'Database Maintenance'. I did find it but then realized that it is not an option when (in my case) a Kindle is attached to my PC.

There must be reasons for this - would be interested to know because the reason for this thread was to ask if it is possible under database maintenance to:

1. Check for books that are on the Kindle but not in the Calibre Database and

2. Check for books on the Kindle that are a problem in the sense of not having the correct
Amazon number for that Kindle attached. The reason for this is that I know I have books
that were copied from my old Kindle before I realized that they have to be downloaded
from Amazon again as the Kindle has a different number (is PID). The only way to find
these at present is to search for something on the Kindle that will not exist eg a rubbish
string and it will end up (eventually) showing a list of books that are not indexed. Some
could be legitimate but most are usually those that have an incorrect code for this
particular Kindle. The problem is that you cannot remove or check this book out by
loading it (or trying to) while in this list. If you have a lot in this list it is a problem to
remember them and doing it one by one would take forever.

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