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My decision

I just bought mine about ten days ago. I have been unable to register on the forums, and this is probably why.

The information page where I clicked to purchase this on Amazon is gone. The user comments, always of interest to me and sometimes with essential information, are gone. I talked to an Amazon representative and he said that I could still return my device if I chose, and receive a refund. He said that the comments disappeared because the pages that were maintained by Entourage were closed, and that Amazon would see if it could make the comments available somehow, but he didn't seem very hopeful. My point is that the information is something people rely on from Amazon; Amazon should not let user comments be eradicated so easily.

And it seems to me that the forums are essentially shut down. I have a very cool tip about transferring information from the eink side to the tablet side, which I use to copy info into a mind-mapping program from the eink book I am reading, and I have been unable to post it because registration on the forums is essentially closed, it seemed to me after days of trying.

Let's assume that the forums are essentially gone now or soon will be -- where will the users go? Here? Or is there some other good gathering site I don't know about?
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