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Thanks for your lightning response!!

I also have a HipStreet HS-700M reader that's detected as "Aluratek Color". In an attempt to have it recognized as its own device, I customized the "User Defined .." plugin with the information from "Get information to setup ..." (again, produced from Preferences | Advanced | Miscellaneous).

(BTW, my wife actually has an Aluratek Color.)

However, it didn't seem to have any impact. Have I done something wrong or misunderstood what this is for?

Thanks again!
USB Vendor ID (in hex): 0x1f3a
USB Product ID (in hex): 0x1000
USB Revision ID (in hex): 0x0002
Windows main memory ID string: USB_2.0 <-- I assumed this is really the "vendor" str
Windows main memory ID string: USB_FLASH_DRIVER

Copy these values to the clipboard, paste them into an editor, then enter them into the USER_DEVICE by customizing the device plugin in Preferences->Plugins. Remember to also enter the folders where you want the books to be put. You must restart calibre for your changes to take effect.
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