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Originally Posted by kleykenb View Post

I see that a lot of iRex Iliad's are currently appearing on the second hand market and I'm thinking of buying one. i've seen one that the buyer claims has near to never been used (a version2).
I've always wanted one but the bancruptcy of iRex begs the question : is it smart to buy one now, even if it's a whole lot more cheap than it used to be.
And I'm not really talking about possibly breaking the screen of it, obviously there isn't going to be any hardware repairs done by iRex anymore.
I'm more interested in knowing what 'stuff' I will not be able to do anymore now that iRex has gone bust. I've read posts about iDS being down and this apparantly has an effect on what is possible.
So is it still possible to
* upgrade firmware ?
* or get to the Linux stuff aka install 3rd Party soft and 'get shell' ?

In short, what would I be buying , because for somebody without one it's really hard to understand the consequences of iRex's demise.

I've got my iLiad (2nd edition) so was finally able to answer above question myself.
Turns out that my iLiad did not have the Developer Package yet and can therfefor confirm that it is still possible to get it via iRex.
Installed some 3rd party apps :
x48 calculater
Could also still get the and set up a Compact Flash card for reflash.
For all those out there looking for a big-size eReader : the iLiad is definately still one to consider with it's 8.1" screen, especially now that prices for a secondhand one have dropped below 200Euro/300$.

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