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Originally Posted by tsgreer View Post
Right after I updated, I had strange battery stuff happening. The battery meter would go down to almost zero in a matter of minutes after opening a book. But after I did a firmware reset, everything started working fine again.
Mine seems to be working normally without doing this. I'll keep a close eye on it for a few days. I think my battery drain was related to the installation of the update. Maybe it is a resource intensive procedure or maybe it needs to re-index all the documents after updating. Amazon does not seem to be going out of their way to provide information about either the update or the update process.

I wonder if Amazon has anything in place to test your battery level before starting an update. Surely it would not be good to run out of juice in the middle of an update.


P.S. I should mention that it is easy to determine when the update arrives as you will see a new Kindle Users Guide in your book list.

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