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I have been using the binary compare mode for my rather large library (its a bit of a mess.)

I notice that if you have multiple formats for one book, the plugin seems to flag the book as a duplicate, but it does not provide an easy way to determine which (one, multiple, or all) of the formats of a book are duplicates.

example: Lets say you have two book entries in Calibre, A and B, each with formats x, y, and z. If any one of the formats x, y, or z are binary duplicates in both A and B, it will flag books A and B as dups even if the other formats are not.

I find there is no easy / non tedious way to figure out which of the formats are dups and which aren't. Is there any quick way to figure this out? What I've been doing so far is to look at the file size for each format, but this is time consuming and also not a sure solution.

BTW, thanks for the plugin; I've used it extensively.

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