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Cover Breaks Publication in iBooks (Yes: yet another iBook cover thread)

Hello everyone!

I've recently hand-coded my very first ePub; it's a fixed-layout picture book for the iPad.

Everything looks spot-on fantastic in iBooks however, believing it would be the simplest part of my code, I left the cover for last. I do believe I've followed protocol by creating an xhtml cover document, properly sized cover image, referenced both in the OPF file and included it in the spine (I've tried both with and without 'linear="no"/'). I've even tried other cover images and re-coding the cover page.

Few hours later, and I'm still baffled: the ePub validates, and from what I can garner there's absolutely nothing wrong with my OPF manifest, toc, or xhtml.

I'm wondering if someone here has had experience with something similar, or at least a suggestion!

Here is a screenshot of what my busted iBook looks like:

The cover image itself is 782  997 pixels (slightly less than the suggested max scale suggested at Threepress).

As a fixed layout, the viewport is set to 1200 x 1700 on all other pages.

Changing the cover image size didn't solve this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've looked elsewhere in these forums and on the web, and I can't find anyone who's had similar problems with a fixed layout ePub.

Attached are my cover, opf, and ncx files. Couple are plain text, because you can't upload some file types it seems.

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