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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
I have no objections in principle to having the directory naming configurable. However, various caveats apply:

1) It would have to be done in a way that does not break metadata backup/db restore/the cover storage APIs (probably others as well)
2) The default semantics must remain as they are
3) This kind of change will require *a lot* of testing, on multiple platforms, as it has the potential for data loss.

I'm somewhat puzzled by your use case, however. If you are serving up books from a server, what earthly difference does it make where they are stored?
I can do testing on a Windows desktop, X on Gentoo Linux and a Macbook. Hopefully, this will cover the majority of the installations out there.

And my intention is to keep the default semantics if no plugin to modify strategy is configured.

And for the "where they are stored" part, one example are the ebooks from the If you read their license rules, they demand that you provably remove all their files from your system if they decide to revoke their license to you. For some time, I actually thought about putting all the stuff I buy from them into a completely separate calibre instance, but then again, I'm not sure that their license would even allow me to store the epubs in calibre, anyway In that case, the proof that I removed everything would be done by showing their lawyer the directory where their stuff is, telling them that nothing of their intellectual property is in my other directories and kindly asking them to refrain from rifling through all my other stuff...

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