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Hi Michelle,

Thanks very much for writing, please do - as well as the free downloads in the pureambient store, there is also an enormous amount of other music on the web site - in the discography section, you can preview dozens of ambient, semiambient and active tracks, to get a feel for what the music is like...

...or, on the News page, we are currently featuring several free full length downloads (with no registration whatsoever, by the way!) of recent guitar synthesizer demos and compositions, so you can download those as well as the two free albums in the pureambient store.

I hope you will have the chance to download the free ambient album and maybe try out some of the tracks on your device, and let us know if it "works" for you or not.

I am getting the feeling that there is a sizable group of people that DOES enjoy music while using their e-readers, and I really think that in particular, ambient music is a very suitable type.

Not just the music on either, but I know from experience that the ambient music of Eno, Fripp, Nelson, etc. works very well for myself and my partner when's just maybe not something people think of though, ambient is not that well known, but once you start listening to it, well, for me at least, I find I can't stop - it's VERY relaxing.

All the best, and thanks very much for your message.

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