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Hello Melissa,

Thank you so much for your excellent and positive reply.

I should first of all clarify about the registration - I used a tool called "zencart" to build the store, I needed some format to put the music into, a structure, and I knew nothing about that technology. With a LOT of help from my business partner Ken in California, I just about barely managed to set up the store.

The registration business - well, we never discussed it, and the default was "on" and I did nothing about it, I just left it figuring it was not a big deal. As I said before, I am a musician, not a salesman!

However, now that I've had a couple of people here mention it, and especially you mentioning your birth date and phone number - well, if I had even been aware, I would have certainly shut THOSE off, because I am just as uncomfortable as you giving out a lot of details - and, rightfully so - one should always be careful.

So I have no issue with you putting in invalid data - that's fine, and in fact, the next chance I get, I am going to go in and see what I can do to either at least make the registration less painful. The first thing I will TRY to do, is remove the request for phone and birth date - I have no need for that information.

Now that that is out of the way, I would say, probably the most important point you make is when you speak about the sounds/music embedded in the story. This is an idea that I have been interested ever since ebooks first appeared, and I am seeking developers and authors who are interested in moving towards this kind of collaborative effort.

Your example of reading about a carnival and hearing carnival sounds - that is EXACTLY the kind of thing I am talking about. Of course, for those readers who still require absolute silence - there would need to be an option to "Turn Soundtrack Off" as need be.

But I really think that music, just as music enhances a film, could be used to great effect - during frightening passages, some dark, creepy ambient music - during happy or peaceful events, something light and lovely...

All the way up to a full colour graphic novel with hard rock music blasting throughout, the sounds of motorcycles racing away during a chase scene you are reading...the possibilities are endless and very, very exciting!

So you raise an interesting point here, you are a normal e-reader user, and you would LIKE to have sounds embedded into your stories. So would I !!! I think the idea is really exciting, and since I've been recording music for many, many years, and I have a huge catalogue of ambient sounds - I also record and play rock music, synthesizer music, and now, classical music - so what I would like to contribute, is the experience and expertise of 40 years of music making and recording skill, to combine this with the work of today's finest authors, to create a fantastic, hybrid technology of colour ebook with full sound track - music or sound effects playing throughout the entire novel or book!

And with the way of the world, I should think this technology is closer than we all might think - I certainly hope so!

In any case, thank you so much for your post, and I will try to amend the default settings of the registration to make it less annoying! I particularly wanted you to know that I never chose those settings, they are just the zencart defaults, and I am SURE they can be altered.

Thanks again for your excellent message, and thank you for your enthusiasm and support of my "embedded music" concept - I hope to make it come true over the next few years.


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