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Originally Posted by jjesusfreak01
I dont see why. The standard for an internet connection on a Palm is set, so things like WebPro can run on all devices, but there is really no reason why someone could not make a universal browser.
Limited memory jumps in pre-OS5 immediately comes to mind. That's just one example.

Probably the biggest problem for Garnet devices is simply that none of them have enough memory. While the Minimo project was trying to pare things down below 64MB, as of 0.1 they hadn't been able to do that (64MB was the absolute minimum). Plus, you have to allocate memory for the cache. Probably the only Palm Powered devices that could run a Mozilla-based app would be the PalmOne Tungsten T5 and Tapwave Zodiac2. Some of the Sony UX or NX may also have enough memory, but their memory is divided up in a weird way, so I'm not sure.

Of course, I never said it couldn't be done. For Garnet and Cobalt devices, it probably could be done, with a lot of work. And given the size of the work needed, I just don't think anyone will bother.

However, I reserve the right to be wrong, and the right to change my mind later.
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