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"I think that should be "<a name="toc">Table of Contents</a>, then elsewhere in the file, "<a href="#toc">Jump to TOC</a> should take you there."

Yes, I agree that under normal conditions, that's the way to do it. The problem for me is that Mobipocket Creator (MPC) creates the table of contents, rather than it being manually created in the html file. MPC does a great job of creating the TOC, so I'd rather not take over that job.

So, my question is this: Is there a notation other than "toc" that can be used to point the link to? Or is that process not possible within the structure of MPC? The notation "toc" in <a href="#toc">Jump to TOC</a> doesn't work.

(By the way, whether to have the label read "Jump to TOC" or just "Table of Contents" is a matter of preference; however, I like your notation better than mine because it's more explicit.)

So, to conclude, does anyone know what language should be used instead of "toc" to go to a MPC-made TOC? Or can it be done at all?

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