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Hello Basschick

Thank you for your message. I totally understand, some folk want quiet - total quiet - when they read. Depending on what I am reading, I sometimes want quiet, but I have also found, for myself (personal preference of course) - that sometimes I like to have ambient music on while reading.

Since the Kindle, and other e-readers, have the facility to load music on to them, I was really just interested to see if people would listen to very quiet, very unobtrusive music whilst using their e-reader.

I can see that you would probably NOT - and that's a great, honest answer. However, since ambient music is not like ordinary music, my thought is - it's so unobstrusive, a lot of the time when it's on your brain just "tunes it out" - in fact, the best ambient music should be sort of "invisible" - you can listen to it if you want, or, it's just there - as part of the atmosphere.

So I guess in your case, I would be very challenged - I would have to come up with music so ignorable, so quiet, that to you it would equate to silence - not an easy challenge.

I think that Brian Eno and a few others have actually created ambient works that are capable of being completely "tuned out" and requiring only 1% of your mind to "listen" to while the other 99% is reading - and for some people, a very quiet, ambient accompaniment to their "read" is probably the same as the silence that you "require" when you are reading.

If you see what I mean.

In any case, thank you for your reply and your honest comments - they are absolutely appreciated in any case.

all the best

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