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Hello FF2

Yes, you are absolutely right, you do have to register (and I apologise for not mentioning that, I did not think it important at the time) - however, as the owner and operator of both and the pureambient store, I assure you, you will NEVER receive emails or any kind of advertisement whatsoever if you do choose to download the free sampler.

When I said "free", I really meant free - not just of charge, but of any or all encumbrances.

The store itself is new and untested, it's still really beta and little details like the registration haven't been foremost in my mind - I was really more motivated by trying to get the last 40 years worth of music I've created or been involved with, digitised and available for download in digital format.

This allowed me to get OUT of the business of CD manufacturing, which was a serious loss proposition.

But please rest assured, your details will ABSOLUTELY not be used for ANY purpose whatsoever except to assess (internally) download frequency, patterns, etc - I am a musician, not a marketing guru or salesman.

I hope this addresses the concern you expressed - thank you for pointing it out - I absolutely should have mentioned it, that was my error, and I do apologise.

No messages of ANY kind, in any format, will be sent to you, ever, should you choose to download the free sampler of ambient music (and/or, the free active sampler that is also there).

all the best

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