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thanks for the replys.
I've still not tested anything because of the bricking fear.

@Cyberman tM
yeah, there is a /skin dir in both fs.tgz (in /eb600e and /eb600em)
and yes i think it's a em device, too. (would make sense because italica called the versions of the firmware EM1 and EM2)

"Probably Netronix standard would be this line:
"sh /bin/""
yes, that's in there, but commented:
#for fs upgrade
#for factory test
#sh /bin/
#exec /usr/etc/nanoX.local
so, if i put the line there it should work?

i don't know how similar these eb600em clones really are, so i don't know if i could use the pocketbook firmware... (i guess FR_TO_PB is not going to work for italica, right? )
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