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Smile music for e-readers - free ambient music download - development possibilities


I'd like to see if there is any interest in having music specifically designed for e-readers. I've been making ambient music since 1989, and I believe that this type of music, because it's quiet, unobtrusive, and relaxing, might be the ideal thing to load onto your Kindle or other e-reader device to enhance the reading experience.

Could people let me know if they would be interested in this?

I envision it in two forms:

1) For Users: Ambient music that you can download and manually place onto your e-reader device, to enjoy while reading your favourite book.

2) For developers and authors: Embedding ambient music and sound effects into e-reader content - as e-reader technology progresses, I look forward to a time where developers would work with authors to embed music into books or graphic novels, and ambient music, sound effects and other sounds would "accompany" the story. Any developers out there reading this - please get in touch with me.

I can be reached via or directly at

In the meantime, to test this theory, there is an entire ambient album/sampler available for download at the pureambient store,

- select "Download Free Album"
- select the ambient sampler

Once you have downloaded the sampler (it's completely FREE) simply load the files onto your device, and try out ambient music as the perfect adjunct to a nice quiet read.

Also, if users and developers will please get in touch with me, or comment here, I would be happy to engage in a discussion of the possibilities of expanding the role of music in e-readers, and in particular I am excited about the possibilities of making music and/or sounds a part of the e-reader experience - particularly when they perfect colour e-ink, and we can then think about embedding music not just in books, but also in magazines and graphic novels.

The sky is the limit. Please let me know your thoughts!

Cheers, Dave
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