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Originally Posted by kingerg View Post
Awsome Job!

Since we're talking about Mangas/comics and most of the scanlations available are compressed, it would be great to have cbz/cbr/zip/rar input compatibility
As for output the perfect solution (and compatibility) for every device out there would be the omnipresent PDF format, that way every dedicated e-reader (or even tablets) could take advantage of your application. That would be fabulous

Thanks and keep up the good job.

PS: I wish it worked like PdfLrf 0.99 for Sony reader. Because is extremely fast and supports cbz/cbr/zip/rar/ps/djv/djvu/pdf and has always done a great job formatting files for my prs-700. To me, even though is an old program is the best and the fastest to convert files to LRF. I don't mean to criticize your work, just to give you an example
Canti has pdf support

You can just give it an entire series and it will automatically extract and organize it into a Title_v##_c### format then convert into pdf/cbz/rar/folder/etc... It's pretty amazing...

It has the column and row chopping that Mangize has, and it's now multi-threaded so it should be pretty fast.

It also supports a variety of devices.

I would wait a couple of days as it seems like the next version to be released will have dithering (Floyd Steinberg) and it will use a better resize algorithm (Lanczos).

What dither/resizing algorithm does Mangize use?
When comparing Canti and Mangize the dithering algorithm looks the same but when resizing Mangize seems slightly sharper (not really sure which one looks better though)
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