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Controlling cross-platform image display

Hi, still in midst of my coding muddle trying to create an epub that will convert predictably to a .mobi file for Kindle etc. These questions fall into the image category...

I'd to include an image after every chapter title, and make sure they both always appear on a single page. Is there any way to make sure the image scales to stay on the same page as the title, and sill have it be large enough to zoom on a device that supports that?

Then, i'm creating a list with images that float left inside an indented div, but still having them be zoomable to their full size (about 300px wide). What I have works great in epubreader on Firefox and on the iPad, but the Kindle version is displayed full size right away.

(Do I understand correctly that .mobi/Kindle is only html, and that what I end up with there will depend on the how Calibre (for example) interprets the epub style sheet?)

I can supply code and stuff if need be. Feeling kinda buried under all this -- so thanks for any help at all.
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